Article by: Kate Mulalap ( first published on year 2000 ).

Yap is a wonderful tropical island. It is surrounded by lucious, green coconut trees and sandy beaches. The beaches are privately owned, and you may rent one for a low price. These beaches are exclusive and perfect for birthday parties (this from past experience) or any other parties.

Yap’s capital is Colonia, where all the teenagers go to hang out after school. During summer, you will find the place flooded with teenagers and sometimes an elderly couple going to and fro in their journey to buy canned food. There is a small “mall” called YCA (short for Yap Cooperative Association) which attracts people from all over the island, like bees are to honey.

There are ten major municpalities on Yap. In these, ten municpalities throughout the island, you may find well tended gardens as well as taro patches and clean roads throughout the island. Sometimes bikers are a common site, which would usually be teenagers who view their bikes as a way to get away from it all.

Yap is a host to a friendly, hospitable people. There will be smiles all around and the view from any high spot is breathtaking. The ocean water is just the right temperature and many children find that they like to romp with the waves of a passing motorboat. All in all, Yap is a great place for a vacation or a permanent home and you will always feel welcomed.