[Attractions in Tinian ]

Tinian is one of the major islands in Northern Mariana. It has pristine and secluded beaches; World War II landmarks and world-class scuba diving. Most of the visitors go to Tinian for scuba diving because numerous reefs, wrecks, and caves lie under the waters surrounding the island. In Dump Cove you’ll see planes, tanks, ammunition, and Jeeps from World War II. Tinian Grotto is the most popular cavern dive. there are several other beaches that offer diverse water sports.

The prehistoric Taga stones are relics of the ancient palace built by the Chamorro Chief Taga over 3,000 years ago. The House of Taga is located on the island of Tinian.
It was believed that a mythological chief named Taga erected the pillars as a foundation for his own house. There were several such pillars but only one of which is left standing erect due to past earthquakes.

The Sand Diamond, a high-speed ferry measuring almost 50 meters in length and with the capacity to carry 290 people and more than 30 cars, will begin daily sailings between Tinian and Saipan as a means of providing better tourist access to the casino on Tinian.

Latte stones at Taga House, Tinian
Latte stones at Taga House, Tinian
Tinian Casino launch