This is home to one of the most accessible beaches in Yap, which is the Wanyan beach. It is a great place to hold picnics and also for swimming. Kayaks too can be rented out to tourists who are looking for more of an adventure at the beach.


Yap has two villages that might be worth a visit. They are the Balabat Villager and the Okau Village. The villages of Yap are still used as meeting house by the elders to discuss community matters.


Bechiyal is another friendly beach-side but it was destroyed during the typhoon in 2004. Visitors are still welcomed to the beach and also allowed to camp out here for about US$5 a night.

Outer Islands

There are many atolls to visit near Yap. Some of them include Ulithi atoll which is said to be the most modern and largest amongst the outer islands, Woleai atoll which would make a good diving spot thanks to its Japanese wrecks surrounding the island and last but not least is Fais.