Article by: Kate Mulalap ( first published on year 2002 ).

Like most Micronesian islands, and I hope I am not being too immodest, Kosrae is very beautiful.  Kosrae’s reef flats that surround the island are said to be the most pristine in the whole world.  I myself have not been to Kosrae, but many that have been there tell me that their experience was worth everything they invested in it.  There are several sandy beaches among the mangrove trees and these are exquisite.

Kosrae is made up of seventy percent of mountains.  This means that most of the population lives in coastal villages, and indeed there are five of such villages.  Hoping that I am not mistaken, these five villages are: Tafunsak, Walung, Utwe, Malem, and Tofol.  There is also a little island right beside the big main one and the largest village is on this one, named Lelu (the island is the one named Lelu).  There are ruins there, the Lelu Ruins.  This island is connected to the main one by a seven hundred thirty-meter long causeway.

 This taken from another source “the surrounding reef boasts some of the most amazing marine life and barracuda diving in the world.”  If this is anything close to what the real thing, you can expect to see me on the first plane to Kosrae.  There are snorkeling and diving tours available and like Chuuk, there are several Japanese ships as well as several American planes lying about in Lelu harbor.  Also, it is believed that there is buried treasure somewhere in Utwe harbor.  They say that the best advice is to hire a car, drive to different villages, and stop at some of the seriously enticing beaches for a swim.   The villagers are very friendly and very hospitable, but a warning, be sure you ask around before you go swimming, you wouldn’t want to offend anyone!