Tabuaeran (Fanning Island)

Published on : 2021 - Jul - 26

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Tabuaeran is an atoll that is part of the Line Islands and part of Kiribati. It had a of 2,315 in 2015. The atoll is famous for its white-sand beaches, blue-green waters, and residents. It is a heaven for , and surfing. The closest airport is Kiribati International airport. From there one has to take a boat to this atoll. Pegasus Lodges provides private air charters from Christmas Island (on a three-hour flight from ).

Copra and seaweed are produced for export. The island has no telephones, no running water, and no electricity.

The atoll has become a port of call for yachts and cruise ships sailing from Hawaii.
The Fanning Island Lodge guesthouse is rustic on the island. It has only very basic shared amenities.

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