Tabiteuea atoll

Published on : 2022 - Jul - 16

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Tabiteuea Map - Wikipedia
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Tabiteuea is an atoll in the Gilbert Islands, Kiribati. This atoll is the bigger and the most populated of the Gilbert Islands after Tarawa. There is a main and several smaller islets in between along the eastern rim of the atoll. The islands have a land area of 26 km2 (10 sq mi) and a of 3,955 as of 2015.
The most common fuel is coconut husk, dry coconut leaves and common wood. Some oil is imported by Kiribati Oil Company Limited(KOIL). Petrol is used for outboard motors and motorbikes, diesel for trucks and generators, and kerosene is used for stoves and lamps.The total volume of fuel sent by KOIL to Tabiteuea North in 2011 was 348,000 litres of petrol (bentiin), 112,800 litres of diesel and 36,000 litres of kerosene.

Tabiteuea Island
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