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Pohnpei…so beautiful and distinguished. I know that most of my descriptions center somewhere around beautiful, but that's just the truth the way a seventeen-year old sees it. Pohnpei is the proud owner of one of the most beautiful habitats to an assortment of wildlife. Pohnpei is the biggest in the and has breathtaking waterfalls. It also has mountain streams to shame Colorado, hidden pools and an assortment of flora to shame .

There are eleven political municipalities, six of which are Sokehs, Nett, Kitti, Madolenihmw, U, and Kolonia. Kolonia is the capital of Pohnpei. Pohnpei has been referred to as “The Garden Island,” and to no surprise. Lush vegetation covers the whole island as well as tropical forests as well as the springs and waterfalls previously mentioned.

A popular spectacle would be the Nan Madol. It was constructed around five hundred A.D. and some of the buildings have been dated back as recently as 1,500 A.D. The best way to access Nan Madol would be by boat, because it is difficult to see all of it from one point. Many trips are also advisable, for Nan Madol is gigantic! This would be well worth it for I have never met someone who regretted his or her decision to go visit this ancient ruin.

If it's beaches you want, you should visit the atolls! Magnificent beaches they are. Mangrove swamps cover most of Pohnpei's shoreline, but a few artificial beaches have been created. If you have an exotic taste in foods, visit Pohnpei, for the pepper is regarded as the finest in the world. Pohnpei is well worth the visit, so I encourage you to visit, if not only for a few days. It will be well worth the effort!

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