Marshall Islands Education

Published on : 2021 - Dec - 06

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A public school
[A public school ]

Education is compulsory from ages 6 to 14. Instruction is in both Marshallese and English.
Public schools consisted of seventy-five elementary schools, one middle school, and two secondary schools. Protestant churches support twenty-six elementary and 10 secondary private schools. About 10,000 students are enrolled in public schools while 5,000 students study in private schools. Several public schools still lack electricity. The College of the Marshall Islands, a two-year institution of higher learning serves 431 students.

In January 021, The World Bank gave an aid of $10 million for Education and Skills Strengthening. The project will improve access to quality secondary education, vocational training, and employment opportunity. About 13,500 students, job-seekers, and employers will benefit from this project.

Low academic performance is a concern. Students aim to meet the minimum requirement rather than getting skills valued by the employers.

A private school
A private school
A class room
A class room.

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