Kiribati Food

Published on : 2022 - Jun - 04

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Kiribati fish
[Kiribati fish ]

Fish and seafood are the main source of food throughout Kiribati. The cuisine, like all Pacific cuisines, has been influenced by many cuisines, including Chinese, Filipino, American, and British.
Coconut, taro, breadfruit, pandanus (screw pine), pumpkin, papaya and banana are widely grown in Kiribati. Imported foods such as rice, flour and sugar are also available.

Kiribati Lobster

The national drink is called toddy, a sweet and nutritious drink made from coconut sap. From this sap a sweet syrup is made which can replace sugar, and is used in many recipes.

Kiribati rice meal

Shrimp and lobster are present on all the restaurant meals. Char fish, that looks like trout is roasted or barbecued, and is accompanied by freshly grated coconut rice. Raw tuna or flying fish marinated in a curry and coconut sauce and Bonefish burger are also popular. Snapper, cooked with coconut or simply grilled, accompanied by pieces of fried breadfruit are also served in restaurants.

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