Zoning Office to enforce poker relocation

THE Zoning Office will enforce the relocation of poker outlets on Saipan as mandated by law, Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro said on Wednesday.

By Oct. 25, all poker establishments should be in the designated zones as required by Saipan Local Law 18-5, she added.

“The Zoning Office has been working with the operators to guide them as they transition into the designated districts,” Ogumoro said.

“Our enforcement team is prepared to monitor all active adult gambling establishments after the effective date of Oct. 25th to ensure that they meet the requirements of the law.”

Non-complying poker arcades will be shut down or required to pay a $1,000 penalty per day if their owners refuse to relocate to the designated areas.

The allowable designations are within the tourist resort and mixed commercial districts on lots abutting or west of Beach Road and Chalan Tomas Sablan from Afetna Road to Chalan Msgr. Guerrero, and on lots abutting or west of Chalan Pale Arnold from Chalan Msgr. Guerrero to Dama Di Noche Street, as well as in the Garapan Core, Garapan East, and Beach Road zoning districts.

A poker arcade must also be located 200 feet away from a church, Laundromat, public or private school, park or playground. It can be in a hotel with more than 20 rooms if it is located within the Garapan Core, Garapan East, Beach Road, tourist resort or mixed commercial zoning districts.

According to Ogumoro, there are 47 active poker establishments with a total of 650 machines.

She said 21 poker arcades are outside the designated zones, and most are within the residential villages of Susupe, Chalan Kanoa, Koblerville, Dandan or Kagman.  

She added that six poker establishments have moved out of residential villages and were permitted at their new locations, while some operators are in the process of moving their machines to other poker arcades they own within the designated zones.

The enactment of Saipan Local Law 20-12, which rezoned all lots east of and adjacent to Beach Road from village commercial to mixed commercial, extended the allowable areas of poker arcades to include lots from Chalan Msgr. Guerrero to As Perdido Road, she said.

As a result, six other poker establishments became conforming and can continue to operate at their current locations, she added.

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