Zoning Office: Saipan has 63 registered B&Bs

THE Saipan Zoning Office has registered 63 bed-and-breakfast businesses on island as of this month, Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro said.

Eighteen were recently “discovered” by the zoning office but are now complying with the requirements, she said on Thursday during the Zoning Board meeting at the multi-purpose center.

“Now the reality is that a majority of them are not registered in the system,” she said after businessman Paul Zak claimed that there are now 264 B&B establishments on Saipan based on an online research.

On Thursday, the Zoning Board approved the conditional use application of JKB Corp. for its B&B business. JKB is proposing to occupy an existing two-story building with 15 units in Chinatown which is zoned as village residential.

Remi Sablan, a resident in the area, expressed her full support for the proposed project. “If this company is given the opportunity to operate, they will fix the road,” she said.

Kim Jae Woo, president of JKB Corporation, said they have started fixing the road in the area, and they also want to fix the road leading to the project site, but they need clearance from the Department of Public Works.

Also on Thursday, the Zoning Board rescheduled the hearing for the conditional use permit application of Jiang Zhen Group which operates the Shanghai Guest House.

The applicant is proposing to occupy an existing four-story building consisting of eight units in Sadog Tasi and operate a motel.

The board said there was an issue with the parking variance submitted in the application because it was based on residential requirements instead of those for a guest house.

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