Zoning Board to decide on specialty referral hospital application

THE Saipan Zoning Board will decide on Wednesday whether or not to approve the rezoning application of Marianas General Clinic and the conditional-use application of Share View Travel Corporation.

Zoning Board chairman Diego Blanco said they are “carefully considering” all the comments made by the public during a hearing in April.

The two applications were placed “under advisement” pending recommendation from the zoning administrator, he added.

Marianas General Clinic plans to operate a specialty-referral hospital on its As Perdito property which it wants rezoned from village commercial to mixed commercial.

Share View Travel is proposing to occupy four existing structures and one maintenance building to operate a bed-and-breakfast establishment in Gualo Rai.

This Wednesday, May 17, the board will conduct a public hearing on six other conditional-use applications.

The hearing will start at 5 p.m. at the Gov. Pedro P. Tenorio Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe.

The applicants are Saipan Brewing Co. LLC which is proposing to occupy an existing one-story structure for the home-based small-scale brewing of alcoholic beverages on Navy Hill; Art Ridge Village Homes, which is proposing to construct a seven-story building to operate a 144-unit apartment in Garapan; Karidat Saipan, which is proposing to occupy an existing two-story structure for its office in Chalan Kanoa; New Century Hotel, which is proposing to occupy an existing three-story structure in Tanapag to operate a 48-unit hotel; First Pacific Investment Group, which is proposing to occupy an existing seven-story structure to operate a 221-unit hotel in Achugao; and Isla Montessori School, which is proposing to occupy two single-story residential structures to operate a school in Dandan.

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