Zoning Board OK’s application of auto repair business

THE Zoning Board has approved Green Estate CNMI’s application for a conditional use permit, allowing it to proceed with its proposed car service business in Chalan Piao.

During Thursday’s public hearing at the multi-purpose center in Susupe, Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro said the use of the application is classified as “vehicle repair, general” and permitted in the district as conditional use.

The proposed project is located in a mixed commercial zone.

The applicant, Tao Xing, is proposing to occupy an existing building for a car service area and construct a new structure for an auto bus repair area, she said.

Tom Salas, the investor’s local representative, said the business will be a one-stop shop for auto repair.

It is located across from Hopwood Middle School and will have seven service bays and eight to nine parking spaces, he added.

The zoning staff recommended the approval of the application with some conditions.

Ogumoro said the applicant should comply with the requirements of the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality and all the other permitting and regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the project.

The applicant, she added, should also ensure that its operation does not generate noise, odor, light and dust that will create inconvenience to the neighborhood.

In addition, the applicant should improve its parking area and designate clearly marked parking stalls in front of its establishment, and they must conform to the   parking requirements of the Saipan Zoning Law within 15 days after approval of the permit, Ogumoro said.

Moreover, she said, the applicant must employ landscaping at least three to four feet wide along its side and rear yards fronting the public streets and right of ways for screening and aesthetic purposes.

Ogumoro said the landscaping must be situated between the right of way and the fence.

The applicant is also required to keep its premises and immediate surroundings clean and free from trash, waste, or debris, and must screen any trash bins from public view. The applicant must employ every reasonable measure to ensure proper storage and disposal of any chemical or waste oil for the safety of the public, she added.

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