Zoning Board member says term should be longer

NEWLY re-appointed Zoning Board member Mario Taitano said the law should be amended to extend the terms of board members from two to four years.

Taitano, whose nomination was confirmed by the Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation on Friday, is now serving his second term on the board.

A former House member, Taitano thanked the governor for reappointing him to the board. He also thanked the 17 delegation members present who voted for his confirmation.

“I looked forward to serving another two years; however, I also want the law to be amended to change the terms from two years to four years,” he said.

“Just to make it uniform with the terms of the other government board members. Another thing, processing for requirements like a drug test and submission of clearance is expensive. It cost me $30 to get a  drug test and another $30 for police clearance — very expensive just to serve for two years. It should be good for four years.”

Taitano said he has discussed his recommendation with the delegation chairman, Rep. John Paul Sablan.

On the Zoning Board, Taitano said he will continue to work with other members to address urgent issues, especially the most controversial one which is the relocation of poker establishments from residential villages as required by law.  Some poker operators, however, have sued the Zoning Board over the implementation of the law.

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