Zoning Board approves para-gliding in Marpi

THE Zoning Board on Thursday approved the conditional-use-permit application of Fortune Pacific Corp. which wants to operate a para-gliding business in Marpi.

But board chair Diego Blanco said they will not issue the permit until the applicant provides its equipment specifications and routes.

In 2015, the Zoning Board approved New Expedition Corp.’s conditional-use-permit application to operate a para-gliding business, but the company has yet to start its operations due to the concerns raised by the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Yu Xiao of New Expedition said they are still engaged in the “testing process.”

Juan Reyes, the owner of lot 056 C 116, told the Zoning Board that New Expedition Corp. and Fortune Pacific Corp. both have lease agreements with him.

But Fortune Pacific Corp. said it has no issues with Fish and Wildlife in the company’s area of activity.

Greg Camacho, who represented Fortune Pacific Corp.’s Wang Lihang, said they have already been granted clearance by the Federal Aviation Administration to use the air space in the area.

“We’re not here to make millions of dollars out of our investment — we just want to establish a hobby center,” he added.

Camacho said the equipment they will use is designed for windy weather.

Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro recommended the approval of the application with conditions.

These include requiring the applicant to conduct a para-gliding safety training program for its customers; comply with all the requirements of the other regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the project including the FAA; limit the hours of operation from 8 a.m. to 5p.m., Monday to Sunday; employ all measures that will ensure the safety of customers and residents of the adjacent area; install warning signs in the landing area; and maintain its cleanliness.

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