WSR launches anti-bullying campaign

WILLIAM S. Reyes Elementary School is holding anti-bullying activities with a Halloween theme this week.

WSR principal Naomi Nishimura said the week-long campaign is initiated by the student leaders as part of the Public School System’s annual CNMI-wide initiative.

“We don’t have an accurate measure to see the impact of the campaign, but we do notice the behavior of students. The discipline referral has decreased over the years,” Nishimura said.

During Anti-Bullying Week, she said, WSR also emphasizes the six-peace principles: to praise people, to give up “put-downs,” which alleviate bullying, to seek and get advice from wise people and adults, to notice and speak up about hurtful moments and correcting mistakes, to help others, and to maintain peace at home, at school and in the community.

“Every flag assembly, students have to recite the pledge to help them be reminded about, and they also have to practice it,” Nishimura said. “Through character education and Anti-Bullying Week, we help instill in the minds of the young kids the importance of being a good citizen, and good behavior in school.”

Nishimura said bullying comes in many forms. “It could sometimes be non-verbal as well. It can be giving someone the ‘look’ to intimidate that person, or ignoring someone who wants to befriend you. There’s also cyber bullying.”

Through the annual anti-bullying campaign, vice principal Jocelyn Manibusan-Tudela said their kids can identify bullying and learn how to speak up against it.

“We look into their behaviors in school,” she added. “When a teacher notices that a student is withdrawing from academics or when they the student is absent more often — these are the signs, and we look into them.”

“That is why we are very strict with attendance,” Nishimura said. “We monitor attendance and we inform the parents about it.”

She said their teachers can identify bullying in the classroom and deal with the situation. “We refer them to school counseling, and we inform the parents so they can collaborate with us.”

WSR’s week-long celebration schedule

Monday, Oct. 23 – launching of “sending positive vibes to bullies,” door decorating Halloween contest

Tuesday, Oct. 24 – Zombie’s Peace Day/Face Painting Day.

Wednesday, Oct. 25 – Wacky Hair Day

Thursday, Oct. 26 – Knocking off the HATe in us! Wear or create scary, fancy, cute Halloween hats.

Friday, Oct. 27 – Be cool, bullies are fools! Wear Orange or Black Shirt Day.

Monday, Oct. 30 – Cookie Monsters. Bullies aren’t cool. Give a friend a cookie treat and a monster hug.

Tuesday, Oct. 31 – Be a hero! Wear your Halloween costume. Trick or treat.

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