Woman fatally stabbed, husband seriously wounded; assailant arrested

ALFONSO S. Parongan is in jail for fatally stabbing a woman and seriously wounding her husband on Sunday afternoon.

Parongan, 55, is a tenant of Josefina Pineda Barit, 53, and Anthony Barit, 62, in Chalan Kanoa.

Alfonso S. Parongan

Variety learned that the couple allowed Parongan to stay in one of the rooms in their house provided that he pay for utilities.

On Sunday, when Mrs. Barit, 53, asked Parongan for his utility payment, a dispute ensued. Parongan chased her out of the room.

When she tripped and fell down, Parongan stabbed her multiple times in the back with a knife, witnesses said.

They said Parongan then went to look for the husband and when he found him, he also attacked Mr. Barit who tried to defend himself by raising his two arms to block the assailant’s knife.

A witness told Variety that Parongan has a problem with gambling. “Every time he gets paid he plays poker and loses it all, and he comes home irritable,” the witness said.

In a statement, the Department of Public Safety’s public information officer, Police Lt. Jason Tarkong, said the incident happened at a residence on Texas Road, Chalan Kanoa near Lao Market on Sunday at 7:56 p.m.

Tarkong said the suspect fled after stabbing his victims, and was found by police hiding in the jungle area behind the residence.

Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services acting PIO Linus Mizutani said the female victim sustained a punctured wound on her neck.

Both victims were transported to the Commonwealth Health Center emergency room where Mrs. Barit was pronounced dead. Her husband was admitted into the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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