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A woman on house arrest for her role in a 2013 counterfeit currency scheme will refute efforts to revoke her supervised release in February 2018 after a hearing yesterday before Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan Jr. of the District Court of Guam.

Reneelinette Mesa – who had pleaded guilty to making and passing counterfeit U.S. currency – denied allegations from the U.S. Probation Office that in November she failed to observe a closed-door hearing as ordered, failed to follow the instructions of her probation officer and failed to notify the probation office of her location, as was stipulated in a recent petition to revoke her release.

Mesa told the court yesterday that during the Nov. 29 closed-door meeting she was at a doctor’s appointment and could produce a record of the event for the court.

However, a representative from the probation office said Mesa had been asked to share the document for more than a month and had not done so.

Mesa’s attorney, Joseph Razzano, said he had a copy of the document.

Manibusan ordered that the document be produced at the next hearing, scheduled for Feb. 7.

Counterfeit currency

Mesa was initially sentenced in District Court in 2014, after admitting she and two others had created and used counterfeit $50 bills at the Micronesia Mall.

On Oct. 22, 2013, Mesa and co-defendant Michael Badar enlisted Ok Ja Cho to spend a fake $50 bill at the mall and return the legitimate change to them.

Mesa told Cho that she and Badar would secure genuine U.S. currency, usually $1 or $5 bills, wash them in a solution that would remove all the ink from the face of the paper, scan a genuine $50 bill into their computer, and print the scanned images from the legitimate bill onto the washed paper bill.

Mesa gave her three counterfeit $50 bills. Cho was told to keep two of the bills, but to buy a small item with the third bill and return the change to her and Badar. Cho presented a fake $50 bill to an employee at Snow Pearl, purchased a $5 drink and received $45 change in genuine U.S. currency, which she delivered to Badar and Mesa.

They were arrested later that day at Harmon Loop Hotel. During the arrest, they allegedly confirmed to U.S. Secret Service Agent Glen Peterson that they had been manufacturing counterfeit currency.

Mesa entered her plea agreement in January 2014.

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