Woman arrested at Kanat Tabla B&B

LAW enforcers on Thursday arrested a Chinese woman at a Kanat Tabla bed-and-breakfast. The woman, who could not show any official document indicating her immigration status, said she was the cleaner at the house leased by Emma who was the subject of a complaint filed by tourist couple Yu Xin and Zhao Tian Jiao.

The couple sought police assistance after they were prevented by Emma, who is also Chinese, from leaving the B&B.

The couple were married on Saipan where they also wanted to spend their honeymoon. With them were family members and some close friends. They rented the Kanat Tabla B&B from Emma, but discovered that it was “unlivable.” They said Emma had deceived them.

Xin said Emma sent two men, both Chinese, to lock the gate of the B&B. The two men left the area after they learned that the police were coming, Xin said.

The responding officers spoke with the woman who said she was the B&B’s cleaner, and asked her several questions.

Thirty minutes later, more police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrived to interrogate the cleaner.

The daughter of Emma, who identified herself as Monique, also arrived and spoke with the officers.

Monique said she was not aware that her mother had sent two Chinese men to block the gate and prevent their guests from leaving.

She said the couple’s complaint had already been referred to Emma’s lawyer because the guests claimed they would sue her.

The officers also interviewed some of the B&B guests and took their pictures. Their passports were also photographed.

Xin said he appreciates the assistance of the authorities. He added that he was actually considering forgiving Emma, “but now I cannot.”

Variety was told that personnel from the Department of Commerce are now investigating Emma’s business.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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