‘We remember them’

(Press Release) — The steering committee of the Compassionate Friends of Saipan has decided to close their organization.

The committee feels, however, that there is value in continuing to provide support for those in the community who have lost children, siblings and grandchildren.

The group wants to continue that support, and will be using the name “We Remember Them CNMI” which can be found on Facebook. The group will focus on honoring and remembering our loved ones.

As a first step, Donna Krum and Maggie George are organizing a brunch, in conjunction with International Bereaved Mother’s Day. The event is for mothers to remember and celebrate their motherhood and the children they have lost. Refer to Donna’s Facebook post for further information, or contact her (783-1900, [email protected]) or Maggie (989-6825).

Local support for grieving families is also offered by Tania Mendiola, from Tinian, who has started an “Our Children in Heaven” closed Facebook group; it offers support for parents and siblings who have lost loved ones.

July is Bereaved Parents Awareness Month, and planning has begun for a Walk to Remember.

If the group can find the required assistance, it hopes to continue its candle-lighting tradition, in conjunction with the Compassionate Friends annual event on the second Sunday in December.

“We want to thank all of our supporters over the years, especially NMPASI, KKMP, JoyFM, Marianas Variety and Saipan Tribune. Also, to all of those in the community who have helped to spread the word, attended meetings, offered support and encouragement, and joined us at candle lightings.”

For more information, contact Jill Derickson (989-9821, [email protected]), Donna Krum (783-1900, [email protected]) or Maggie George (989-6825).

Source: Marianas Variety :

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