‘We miss him’

SOTERO Teregeyo, a neighbor of Bishop Emeritus Tomas Camacho in Kanat Tabla, heard a siren in the area at around 8:30 on Sunday night.

On Monday morning, he learned that the 84-year-old prelate, after a lingering illness, had passed away.

Teregeyo said their family is very close to Bishop Camacho, adding that his parents Pedro Peter Teregeyo and Elena Litulumar Teregeyo provided a portion of their property to expand the lot where the bishop’s residence, which overlooks San Jose village, was constructed.

Tomas Camacho

“He organized the church well and most of my nephews served as his altar boys,” Sotero Tererego said.

Andrew Orsini, lay minister of the San Jose Parish, said Bishop Camacho established a “strong mission” in the Pacific and was very active in promoting the local parishes.

During his time as leader of the Chalan Kanoa diocese, parishioners were faithful to the church, Orsini said.

“I used to serve him the Eucharist every Sunday when he could no longer visit the church,” he said.

A former Knight of Columbus, Richard Cano said Bishop Camacho was a “good leader” of the church.

“This is a great loss not only for the CNMI but for the whole Catholic Church,” he said.

Gary Camacho, a relative of the bishop, said the bishop worked hard to ensure good relationships among the parishioners.

“We miss him and his leadership,” Gary Camacho said.

The fourth child in a family of eight, Bishop Camacho was born on Sept. 18, 1933 to Vidal Palacios Camacho and Maria Aguon Camacho.

He was baptized by Fr. Jose Maria Tardio, a very well-known and well-liked Spanish Jesuit priest and pastor on the feast day of St. Tomas Villanueva, a Spanish bishop. The future NMI bishop was named after the saint.

At the age of 27, on June 14, 1961, Tomas Camacho was ordained a Catholic priest.

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