Vice speaker sued over $12K ‘debt,’ denies allegation

VICE Speaker Janet U. Maratita was sued in Superior Court for non-payment of a $12,000 “debt,” according to the plaintiff, Martin A. Manglona, a resident of Guam who is represented by attorney Michael White.

The complaint stated that Maratita has failed, refused, and neglected, and still fails, refuses, and neglects to pay the money she owes to Manglona.

The plaintiff is asking the court for an order against Maratita to pay the principal amount of $12,000, court costs, and interest on the total foregoing at the maximum rate provided by law.

Judge Joseph N. Camacho scheduled a motion hearing for the defendant to answer the complaint on Jan. 9, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.

Asked for comment, the vice speaker said: “Mr. Manglona’s claim is completely false. It’s the other way around. He hired me as his administrative officer at the Guam Veterans Office in Jan. 2016. He did not process my papers, and I didn’t get paid until April of 2016 and not the salary of $46,000 as promised. And it’s not only me but five others employees who he hired — our papers didn’t go through.”

She said in June 2016, “I resigned and moved back to Saipan. Mr. Manglona wanted me to reimburse him the cost of about $5,000 he paid for my trip to Washington, D.C. to represent him at the Guam Veterans Cemetery grant conference. We processed the travel request but it was never approved by Guam officials because I was not legally an employees of GVAO.”

Maratita said “there’s more to it than what he claims. I’ve hired [attorney] Mike Dotts to represent me, and we have already responded to his claim. Mr. Manglona threatened to ruin me and embarrassed me knowing I am in public office. He is a bitter guy because he resigned as an appointee of the Guam governor after he did not get what he wanted.”

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