UFO says it served over 2,000 devotees on Mt. Tapochao

THE United Filipino Organization served over 2,000 individuals who participated in the annual trek to Mt. Tapochao’s summit on Good Friday, according to UFO president Marlon Regaton.

He said from 1:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., they served devotees rice porridge, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, coffee, rice cakes, candy, and water.

“Everything was in order and the pilgrims were so cooperative and everything went well,” Regaton said, adding that the canopy space provided by the mayor’s office for UFO was very clean.

United Filipino Organization officers and volunteers prepare food and other refreshments for the early evening trekkers. Contributed photo

About 40 members of UFO-affiliated groups volunteered, Regaton said, adding that after the event, they collected 10 bags of trash from the site.

Regaton said he and the rest of the UFO leadership are grateful to their supporters, volunteers and sponsors: IT&E, Saipan Ice & Water, McDonald’s, Star Water, the Water Company, Horizons Inc., Star G Ent., Armatech, Chowtime Restaurant, Food Express Restaurant, 3HiresDesign, SuperTech/Mar Masilungan, DL Corp./Joe Digno, Donnalyn Merchandise, Dulili/Don Pedro Enterprises, NVM Enterprises, MAEDA Pacific, Tropang Susupe & CK.

He also thanked the member organizations of UFO, the officers and volunteers for their food and non-food donations, including materials and equipment.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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