Two men nabbed for cashing forged checks

Two people are in jail for posing as workers of a closed-down corporation and cashing company checks at a store in Gualo Rai.

Police arrested Alofonso Kintin, and Nelsin Saimon for cashing bad checks at the LC Market in Gualo Rai belonging to Kae Poong (Saipan) Corporation that has been out of business since 2013.

Kintin, 50, and Saimon, 35, are charged with possession of forged writing or a forgery device, and theft.

The store manager told police that on December 22 & December 23, Kintin and Saimon came to the store and used a Kae Poong corporation check to buy store merchandise and received cash change from the transaction. The two suspects represented to the store manager that they worked for the closed company.

Saimon used a check in the amount of $578.90; Kintin used a check in the amount $714.40.

Police with the store manager reviewed footage from the store surveillance camera which showed the two suspects passing the bad checks.

The store manager told police that when he called the telephone number at the back of the check he was informed that Kae Poong Corporation has been out of business since 2013.

Police also said that Kintin confessed to cashing a check in the amount of $714.00 at LC Market and getting back cash change of about $600.00.

According to the police the two allegedly used similar checks at other establishments and those cases are still under investigation.

Superior Court Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo imposed a $7,500 cash bail on both defendants at Monday’s bail hearing.

Assistant attorney general Robby Glass Jr. appeared for the government.

Court appointed private attorney Joaquin Dlg. Torres to represent Kintin after finding a conflict of interest with the public defender’s office.

Assistant public defender, Heather Zona appeared as defense counsel for Saimon.

Kintin and Saimon was remanded to the Department of Corrections and ordered to return to court for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 5 at 1:30 pm, and arraignment on Feb. 12 at 9 am.

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