Tourist couple to sue B&B operator

TOURIST couple Yu Xin and Zhao Tian Jiao, who left Saipan on Saturday, said they will pursue a civil case against the operator of a bed-and-breakfast establishment in Kanat Tabla.

Contrary to what an online advertisement depicted, the B&B was not livable, the couple said.

Despite their unhappy experience with the B&B, they said they still enjoyed the island’s hospitality.

“We love Saipan and will visit the island again next year,” Zhao Tian Jiao told Variety.

She said they also enjoyed the wedding reception provided by Discover Saipan.

Yu Xin said they will sue Emma Mason, the operator of the Kanat Tabla B&B. “We believe that people must answer for their wrongdoing,” he added.

Mason has denied the allegations made against her..

On Thursday, a Chinese woman, who claimed to be a cleaning worker at the B&B, was handcuffed by police and reportedly placed in the custody of Homeland Security. There were also two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers at the scene. No other details about the worker’s arrest or detention were available as of press time, Sunday.

On Wednesday, this reporter was at the B&B and took photos of an unhinged bathroom door, a damaged floor, a broken gas range, an unsanitary bathroom and ants in the closet, cabinet and bed.

Yu Xin and Zhao Tian Jiao, along with their parents, other relatives and close friends, arrived on Saipan Feb. 17 for the couple’s wedding.

They made arrangements through Airbnb to rent the Kanat Table B&B as advertised on the internet.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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