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IN many islands of Micronesia, the government has stressed the   importance of tourism which contributes substantially to their economic and social objectives.

But the influx of visitors is also determined by the attractiveness, value, quantity and quality of tourist attractions in these islands, including their cultural heritage.

Kathy Tellei, an environmental and health activist, said the islands’ cultural heritage includes nature. “Life on a warm tropical island is spectacular!” she said. “I love nature and living in an island-nation like Palau gives you an opportunity to enjoy and feel the earth and experience the beauty of nature.”

It is the overall environment that attracts visitors, she added.

Other island residents interviewed by this writer said cultural heritage is also an attraction. This includes oral traditions, performing arts, crafts and traditional skills.

Tourists want to find out new cultures and experience different performing arts, handicrafts, rituals, cuisines and environments.

On Saipan, tourism still has the best growth prospects. But there is also a need to stimulate discussion about development and infrastructure while creating long-term relationships with visitors.

Safeguarding cultural heritage is likewise important. It creates bridges between the past, present, and future and maintains continuity amid an ever changing society.

Culture remains a valuable economic resource and must be valued and preserved.

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