Teachers beat Pound Stars in 2017 Micronesia and USA Rocball Championship – Marianas Variety

The “Teachers” won the 2017 Micronesia and U.S.A. Rocball Championship over the Pound Stars in game four of the best of five championship playoffs.

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The Teachers won Games 1, 3, and 4.

The Pound Stars won Game 2 and lost game three in double overtime.

The Teachers dominated in the heavy hitting category of Rocball scoring with 25 two point aces, four two point xunks, five two point kees, one jam (spiked-down serve), and four three point goals.

The Pound Stars were at their best in volleyball one point court scoring and two-point backcourt scoring with 10 kees.

What the championship games demonstrated is that teams which rely on their volleyball scoring skills are less likely to win a Rocball Championship Title.

The Championship games heavy hitters (MVPs) were Nick Gross of the Teachers with three aces, three kees, one jam, and three goals.

Troy “The Luther” Ngirarois was the heavy hitter of the Pound Stars with four aces, three kees, and one goal.

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