Tanapag school vandalized

TANAPAG Middle School was vandalized on Wednesday night and its main office glass door was left shattered, according to Rep. Vinnie R. Sablan.

“We continue to see an apparent increase in school and youth center burglaries and vandalisms,” he added.

“A lot of efforts go into ensuring that our kids have the needed tools to learn in school so we cannot sit back and do nothing when these incidents happen.”

He said Oleai Elementary School, Francisco M. Sablan Middle School, William S. Reyes Elementary School, Marianas High School, Southern High School, and Dandan Middle School have also been vandalized or have been broken into.

On Friday, Sablan introduced a bill, H.B. 20-127, to establish higher mandatory sentences for crimes committed within the premises of schools and youth centers.

The bill proposes to amend 6 CMC §4102 to add a new subsection that reads: “An individual who is adjudged guilty of committing a crime against a person or property, who has committed said crimes within the premises of a designated school and or youth center, shall be subject to a mandatory minimum jail term of not less than one-half of the maximum term if the charge he or she is found guilty of committing, or five years, whichever is greater. Provided that for purposes of this subsection ‘one-half’ shall pertain to the s ingle, separate, and non-aggregated charge of the longest duration. This shall be imposed without the possibility of the parole during this specific period.”

Other community members, however, said the problem is the lack of enforcement of existing laws, including the 1992 local measure that establishes curfew hours for minors on Saipan.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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