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IN Micronesia and the rest of the Pacific, the natural environment is central to food security and the people’s livelihood.

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Therefore, sustained growth in agriculture depends on the sustainable management of natural resources.

According to experts, the competing demands on the environment and the impact of climate change should be assessed and taken into consideration when formulating strategies to address the development challenges that agriculture faces in the islands.

Experts say the goal of sustainable agriculture is to bring benefits to farmers (through improved incomes), consumers (through healthier food choices) and to the ecosystem (by increasing resilience).

In FSM, its national agriculture policy’s goal is to have, by 2023, a vibrant, robust and productive agriculture sector that sustainably supports food security, healthy lifestyles, strong social safety nets, and promotes a greener economy.

The FSM government wants agriculture to provide good employment and income generation opportunities and economic growth.

On Saipan, residents Francesca Wong Alfonso and her son Clarence tend to their own farm and garden, and encourage others to do the same.

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