Summer flights to Saipan from Japan set

(MVA) —  With the recent announcement by Gov. Ralph Torres of new flights from Japan anticipated in the upcoming winter schedule, the Marianas Visitors Authority has already confirmed 30 charter flights from the major source market for the summer season.

Twenty-eight direct flights from Tokyo-Narita to Saipan will be operated by two separate airlines in August 2018, bringing a total of 5,567 seats.  Another carrier will also operate a direct Nagoya- Saipan flight with 186 total seats in August.  These flights are operated in partnership with key travel agencies in Japan.

“We are excited and grateful for these charter flights from the major cities of Tokyo and Nagoya,” said MVA Managing Director Christopher A. Concepcion. “We will continue to negotiate with travel agents and airlines for additional charters, as many as we can secure. Although we anticipate a lull in Japan arrivals with the suspension of flights by Delta Air Lines on May 6, we are anticipating finalization of negotiations for regular service very shortly and an overall turnout in the Japan market by yearend.”

Japan is the third largest source market for the Marianas, with over 26,000 visitors from Japan so far this fiscal year.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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