Stabbing defendant is Beilida Overseas employee

CHUAN Nian Bi, 44, who was arrested for stabbing another man over a cell phone charger last week, appeared before Associate Judge Joseph Camacho on Monday for a bail hearing.

Bi, who was charged with assault and battery and assault with a dangerous weapon, informed the court that he is the labor assistance officer of Beilida Overseas, Imperial Pacific’s contractor.

Judge Camacho retained Bi’s cash bail earlier set at $50,000 by Judge Kenneth Govendo and appointed Assistant Public Defender Cindy Nesbit as defense counsel. Assistant Attorney General Chester Hinds appeared for the government.

According to court documents, on April 13, 2017, police Koban units were dispatched to the Queen’s Building in western Garapan after receiving a call about a disturbance.

At the scene, police saw a man lying on the ground by the railing with an open wound in the chest and a laceration on his left arm with a pool of blood under him. He told police he was in pain.

Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services medic personnel arrived and began treating the victim’s injuries. He was later transported to the Commonwealth Health Center for further treatment and was admitted for further observation.

The Queen’s Building security guard told police that at 7:57 p.m., he heard people on the fourth floor shouting and he checked on what the commotion was about. He was told by another individual in the area that everything was OK.

At 9:10 p.m., the security guard said he was in the parking lot when he heard people shouting on the 2nd floor and when he looked up he saw people fighting.

He went to check what the problem was and discovered the victim lying on the floor and bleeding so he called the police.

Witnesses told police that prior to the incident, Bi and the victim were arguing on the fourth floor over a cell phone charger.

The victim told police that he was packing his belongings and getting ready to go back home to China when he noticed that his phone charger was missing

He said he asked Bi about the phone charger, and Bi told the victim that he, Bi, might have misplaced it somewhere.

The victim told police that he got angry so he walked out of the room and went to the ground floor to “cool off.” He later returned to the apartment and asked Bi if his charger had been found. Bi said not yet.

The victim asked Bi if he could check Bi’s luggage. Bi agreed.

The victim checked Bi’s backpack and then his luggage but did not find the cell phone charger.

The victim said he then stepped out of the room for fresh air, but Bi followed him, pointing his finger at the victim while demanding that he put back Bi’s stuff in the luggage.

When the victim refused, Bi “smacked him in the face.” The victim fought back, but their fight was eventually broken up by the other individuals in the building.

Police said the victim then went down to the second floor to report the incident to his boss. After meeting with his boss he returned to the fourth floor room. There, the victim said Bi first choked him then stabbed him in the chest. At that point, Bi ran away, leaving the victim on the floor bleeding.

Police said they did not find the knife that was used by Bi who said he got it from the kitchen. They later found Bi with a laceration on his face. Bi was also brought to the CHC emergency room for treatment before being transported to the Department of Corrections.

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