SSHS to hold first Christmas concert on Dec. 21

SAIPAN Southern High School will hold a Christmas concert in the cafeteria on Dec. 21.

According to the school’s new music teacher, Lane Hoyt, 95 students will perform, including those with the band and choir programs.

In an interview, Hoyt said it is a free concert, but they will set up a table for donations. They will use the money to pay for the repair of broken musical instruments.

“I’d like to keep it free so that more people can come to our concert. But we will have a donation table, if people want to donate. Proceeds will go to the instrument repairman,” Hoyt said, adding they need to bring someone from either Japan or Guam to fix their instruments.

“If we have leftover funds, we will be purchasing whatever we need for the music program,” he added.

Hoyt, who acquired his bachelor’s degree from Dixie State University in Utah in May, said it is his first time to teach.

“Teaching is exhausting but fun,” he added.

He said his long-term goal is to strengthen the SSHS music program which flourished under the direction of teacher William DeWitt who left the island in 2015.

“This will require an additional music teacher to take over one of the programs, probably the band program, because I am more trained in the choir,” Hoyt said.

He said SSHS is not taking part in competitions this year “because the kids are still new to the music program. But next year school year I am planning on going to the Tumon Bay Music Festival in Guam. I will take both the choir and the band, depending on how many kids can perform,” he said.

According to SSHS principal Vince Dela Cruz, the school did not have a music program for the past few years.

“It is not easy to find a high school teacher. It is even more difficult to find a specialized teacher of music,” he added.

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