SSHS students collect 11 bags of garbage at COP beach

THIRTY-NINE students from Saipan Southern High School’s Environmental Science class participated in a beach cleanup that netted 11 big plastic bags of trash from Coral Ocean Point on Saturday, Sept. 23.

“Judging by the trash we collected, I am guessing these were from residential homes because there was a lot of trash-bags filled with household garbage. It seemed that someone didn’t want to drive to the dumpster,” SSHS teacher Tracy Burgess said.

She said the students also collected cans of beers left at the pavilion. Pieces of litter, she said, were found underneath the built-in grills, or just dumped in the grass.

She said the class also collected more than 50 plastic test tubes used in the laboratory, adding that they do not have any idea how they got there.

“I educate my students to educate others about littering. It works because they are the same people who volunteer time to pick up trash. Having them out here picking up trash gives them that sense of authority to set an example for others whether it be friends or family,” Burgess said.

The CNMI’s anti-littering law was enacted in 1989.

“I was happy to see that my students took extra initiative to go into the bushes and grab more trash,” Burgess said. “They were working as a team. They were filled with so much positive energy that we got the area cleaned up in such little time. They even said they felt good leaving the place knowing it is clean and we also used the pavilion to eat and spend our Saturday celebrating.”

As part of the Environmental Science class, students need to fulfill 80 hours of community service doing gardening, volunteering and laboratory work.

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