SIS students dominate Mathcourt

SAIPAN International School students dominated the Mathcourt high school state championship held at Koblerville Elementary School on Saturday.

SIS students Surui Huang finished first; Frederic Dean Michael Guintu, second; James Lee, third; and Junhee Lee, fourth. 

They will make up the CNMI team whose other members are fifth placer Jushua Qiu of Marianas Baptist Academy and sixth placer Kichang Jeoung of Agape Christian School.

The CNMI team will leave Saipan on May 17 to compete in the national competition set for May 19 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Huang, a senior at SIS, said she was happy that her school swept the local competition, which started in October with 200 participating students from private and public high schools.

The elimination and qualifying rounds were held in November.

On Saturday, the 43 remaining students competed for a spot on CNMI team.

Huang said it was a tough competition.

She said her team, whose other members were Frederic Guintu and Michael Lee, had a hard time in the relay round. “We were sitting apart from each other. We had a math problem to solve and we had to finish in three minutes. We could not communicate with each other but we had to trust each other,” she said.

According to Guintu, the hardest part in the competition was preparing and practicing for it. He has been joining the Mathcourt competition since he was in kindergarten.

SIS principal Ron Snyder thanked the students and their coach/teacher Fred Guintu for their hard work.

Fred Guintu said it was the first in five years that SIS dominated Mathcourt.

“In the past, it was always Agape Christian School or Marianas Baptist Academy,” said Fred Guintu, who used to teach at ACS.

He said the SIS team “practiced every day, even during spring break.”

According to Snyder, SIS has integrated Mathcourt training in its curriculum. “We have a lot of elective classes, and one of them is math enrichment. We have a strong math program here.”

This year’s top 12 individual Mathcourt competitors

Gold – Surui Huang, SIS, 12th grade

Silver – Frederic Dean Michael Guintu, SIS, 9th grade

Bronze – James Lee, SIS, 9th grade

4th – Junhee Lee, SIS, 11th grade

5th – Jushua Qui, Grace Christian Academy,  11th grade

6th – Kichang Jeoung, Marianas Baptist Academy, 10th grade

7th – Kaiping Wang, Agape Christian School, 10th grade

8th – Shubin Yuan, Agape Christian School, 11th grade

9th – Min Jung Kim, Mount Carmel School, 12th grade

10th – Microl Chen, Marianas High School, 10th grade

11th – Rae Min, Marianas High School, 11th grade

12th grade – Michael Lee, SIS, 11th grade.

Top teams

Gold – Saipan International School: James Lee, Junhee Lee, Mark Nam

Silver –  Marianas Baptist Academy: Kichang Jeoung, Victoria Nicole Santos, Minju Kang

Bronze – Saipan International School: Surui Huang, Frederic Dean Guintu, Michael Lee

4th place – Jushua Qiu (Grace Christian Academy), Rae Min (Marianas High School) and Seongbeom Song (Grace Christian Academy)

5the place – Jan Emmanuel Bobadilla (Mount Carmel School), Daniel Montano (Saipan Southern High School), Aldwin Ray Batusin (Mount Carmel School).

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