Sheila Jack Babauta to run for House

(Press Release) — Saipan native and As Matuis resident Sheila Jack Babauta has announced her Precinct 4 independent candidacy for the House of Representatives.

“My mission is to bring the voice of not just my generation, but those of our close-knit communities to the Legislature.  My passion is to create an inclusive environment that is representative of the rich diversity we have on our beautiful island. Embracing diversity and recognizing what we all can contribute is key to progressing while preserving our CNMI,” she said.

The encouragement and support of family, close friends, and community members, contributed to Babauta’s decision to run for a House seat.

“After pursuing my education and career opportunities, I returned home excited to be an active part of our island community.  It was through my involvement in these activities and initiatives, especially through MyPros, where my concern for our islands grew.”

Babauta currently serves as a director on the board of the Marianas Young Professionals and the Million Dollar Scholars Program. In this role, she was instrumental in planning the annual MYPros March for H.E.R.S. during Women’s Month and the Scholars Beach BBQ, where mentors shared educational experiences with young scholars. Additionally, Babauta is an active member of the Talaabwogh Star Association as co-captain for the 2018 Marianas March Against Cancer.

Prior to returning home, Babauta stayed true to her values in serving others.  While studying in Hawaii, Babauta volunteered with the deaf community, tutored math at Kapiolani Community College, and worked with the Hawaii Meth Project to spread awareness of the drug epidemic.  After relocating to Washington state, her volunteering efforts continued at the local food bank and the church children’s center and she even launched her own business, Kaling’s Kitchen.

Babauta believes it is time for the millennial generation to R.I.S.E., centering her campaign on the pillars of Respect, Integrity, Service, and Empowerment. “It is time we take responsibility and do our part to contribute to a better CNMI. It is time we RISE together.”

“Through my service in the community, I saw the income disparity, the rapid development going unchecked, and the voices of our people being silenced out of fear. I believe our generation’s perspective is part of the solution, this is the reason I will be seeking a seat in the House of Representatives.”

Babauta holds dual bachelor’s degrees in finance and international business from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She completed two internships with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management & UMEE Honolulu, and was inducted to three Honor Societies: Golden Key International HS, Phi Theta Kappa HS, and Beta Gamma Sigma International HS before graduating with Honors in 2011.  She continued her career in financial management with Raymond James Financial Services in Washington state before returning home in 2016.

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