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With countless riots and lockdowns taking place since the beginning of the school year, Simon Sanchez High School students continue their crusade of changing public perception of their school.

On Nov. 22, Sanchez students, faculty and administration wore various shades of blue and lined the Micronesia Mall intersection to celebrate the launch of their “Sharks Ride the W.A.V.E. Campaign.”

With posters raised proudly, participants enthusiastically greeted passing cars and called on drivers to support their school.

“The ‘Sharks Ride the W.A.V.E Campaign’ was created to recognize and celebrate positive behavior in our school,” said English teacher and event supervisor Acie Jo Cruz. “The acronym stands for ‘Welcome diversity. Accept responsibility. Volunteer time and talent, and Exceed expectations.'”

According to Cruz, the wave serves as a boost to school awareness. “We want to show the public there are good things at Simon Sanchez, and we have really great students despite everything in the media,” she said.

“We have students who want to rebuild our school, collect donations, make gifts for foster children and volunteer at The Salvation Army. These are great things usually not seen in the media.”

One big Shark family

For many returning Sanchez students, the campaign is another opportunity to create a positive image of their school.

“I hope others realize we’re still a school, even though we don’t have the nicest school on island. We still have school spirit. Most of us are trying to achieve school unity, despite recent fighting,” said sophomore Yssabelle Valencia.

Similarly, senior Susan Andrea Lumba desires to rebuild her school’s reputation.

“Our school has been on the news for numerous fights and riots. That’s not what all our students are about. There are so many good things at Sanchez people don’t know about,” Lumba said.

“I’m proud of my school regardless of the news and public opinion. We do everything we can to look good, especially with the new bill to rebuild our school. We’re still one big Shark family.”

Restoring reputation

For many freshmen, a rough start to the school year has complicated their adaptation to high school. Despite some setbacks, several freshman participating in the wave said they held great pride for their new school.

“Right now, I’m having fun yelling together with my friends to promote our school. I’ll still be proud of Sanchez no matter what,” said freshman Angeline Tumadiang.

Fellow freshman Justin Carsula agreed, saying, “I’m having a great time trying to get more positive publicity for our school, and it looks like everyone here is having fun, too. All of us are together and celebrating one thing: our school. I love my school!”

At the event’s closing, Cruz reflected on the wave’s overall success. “I didn’t expect this many students to come out after we postponed the wave the first time,” she said.

“I’m glad all these students came to participate. You can definitely see the diversity among them. There’s different grades, nationalities, cliques, groups and friendships. I love it.”

With immense school spirit and pride, the sharks continue their journey toward restoring a positive school reputation.

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