Search for 2018 Liberation Queen begins

THE 2018 Liberation Day Committee is now accepting applications for this year’s Liberation Queen fundraising pageant.

Application forms are available on the Saipan mayor’s office website at or via email at [email protected]crown

A contestant must be a 14- to 22-year-old female, not married, has no children, a CNMI resident for at least six months, has good academic standing and of good moral and ethical character.

Candidates will sell Liberation Day raffle tickets to raise funds and host various approved fundraisers. 

Twenty percent of each of the candidates’ total fundraising proceeds will go to the respective candidate.

Deadline for application is on Monday, April 16, 2018.

“Young females from…14 to 22 years old are encouraged to join and boost their portfolio as an active community volunteer,” Royal Court Subcommittee chair Monique Sablan said. 

The Liberation Day Royal Court titleholders are determined by the amount of money each candidate raises through the sale of raffle tickets.

Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang said they need nine candidates.

“We are very excited to offer this opportunity to our young women —this is our largest community event that has great support locally and internationally so we encourage all those interested to apply,” he added.

The Liberation Day Committee headed by Jose Ayuyu Jr. will be giving away raffle draw prizes that include the grand prize of $10,000 cash.

Raffle tickets will be available by the third week of April.

This year’s theme is “Sea to Shining Sea” to celebrate the International Year of the Coral Reef and the islands’ oceanic heritage and cultures.

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