Saipan municipal council pushes village identity project, house numbering

EACH village on Saipan must have its “identity” so they can be easily located by visitors and even local residents, Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council Chairman Luis John Castro said.

During the council’s third regular session on Thursday, Castro said they will implement a village identity and house numbering project and work with the Saipan mayor’s office to establish a charter for the municipal government.

The village identity project, which will be patterned after Guam’s, aims to enhance community development, Castro said.

He said the council will develop village signs, designate village flags and adopt village mascots which could be a plant, animal or product for which the village is known.

These projects will be undertaken by a task force comprising the council, the Saipan mayor’s office, the Marianas Visitors Authority, representatives from the governor’s office, the Legislature, the Department of Public Lands and the Saipan Zoning Office.

Municipal council adviser William Torres said chartering Saipan’s municipal government could allow it to generate revenue like its counterparts on Tinian and Rota.

“There are lots of things the mayor can do [under a chartered government],” Torres said.

As for the house numbering project, he said the municipal council is also working with the mayor’s office to implement it.

“It will make life easier,” he said, referring to home delivery of mail and a quicker response in case of an emergency once all houses on island are numbered.

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