Saipan mayor’s office to pursue boardwalk, sunset garden projects

THE Saipan mayor’s office will pursue a boardwalk project and develop a “sunset garden” on Beach Road, special assistant Henry Hofschneider said on Thursday.

He said the mayor’s office will seek assistance from the Department of Public Works for design and engineering support, and collaborate with regulatory agencies to ensure the project’s compliance with requirements.

Hofschneider said they may also seek funding assistance from the Marianas Visitors Authority.

Right now, he said they are looking for a site with adequate parking space.

The boardwalk, he said, will attract not only tourists but local residents, especially joggers and walkers on Beach Road.

Saipan Mayor David Apatang said the plan is either to construct a permanent boardwalk or install a “movable” one.

As for the sunset garden conceptualized during the administration of the late Mayor Donald Flores, Hofschneider said they are still working with regulatory agencies.

In his letter to the Bureau of Environment Coastal Quality, Hofschneider said the proposed project is non-intrusive and not a threat to the existing surrounding environment.”

He added, “All posts and rails will be interlocked, and no nails or other steel screws or nuts and bolts will be used to hold them together.”

He said “each sunset garden will be erected with a large sand accretion and at a minimum distance of 80 feet from the high water mark to the edge of the garden base.” The garden will measure 400 square feet, and the base will be pine logs, measuring 24 feet in length and 10 inches in diameter, he added.

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