Saipan mayor’s office provides assistance to Koblerville couple

AFTER learning about the unfortunate situation of a couple in Koblerville, Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang on Friday directed his field personnel to provide assistance to Rita Sablan and her husband Jack Cepeda.

“A situation like that is disturbing,” he said. “It’s very sad and someone has to help them.”

Sablan, who is disabled, and Cepeda have been seeking assistance from government agencies to help them move into a “livable” place. Their current makeshift shack has no running water or electricity and is unsafe for any occupant.

Apatang said he asked his field operation director, Joann Aquino, to check on the couple and see what the mayor’s office could do for them.

Sablan, in an earlier interview, said she once asked the mayor’s office to fill their pathway with coral because it was hard for her husband to maneuver her wheelchair.

“I was told that the mayor’s office would only fix the road if there was a funeral in the family,” she said.

“The mayor’s office would never say that,” Apatang said, adding that he asked Aquino and his other staff members to find out who received the call from Sablan and rejected her request for assistance.

“We always respond to requests for assistance,” the mayor said.

Apatang said they can also assist Sablan in transporting her belongings once she is able to relocate.

On Saturday, Aquino informed Variety that they had started fixing the pathway leading to Sablan’s shanty. “We worked all day yesterday [Saturday]. We scraped and cleared a pathway. Coral was put down, and we will compact it on Monday.”

Aquino said they will also pick up the trash surrounding the couple’s shack.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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