Saipan mayor’s office has new location

THE Saipan mayor’s office has moved into the CTC Building, formerly  Saipan Hardware, which is near the Oleai Sports Complex.

“We will be providing full services [in the new office] by Friday,” Mayor David M. Apatang said, but added that they continue to provide  services to the community.

On Tuesday, he said they started moving office equipment from their former office at the Ladera Center on Beach Road in Oleai.

Apatang said their new office is more spacious and has ample parking space for their customers.

Their previous office was on the second floor which was not ideal “because we are serving members of the public, including the manamko’,” the mayor said.

Their new office has two big warehouses where they can store supplies and park their vehicles and heavy equipment.

“We have to take care of our new equipment so it will last,” Apatang said.

His special assistant, Henry Hofschneider, said the ground floor at the CTC Building will be occupied by the mayor’s office, the field-operations director, the human-resources manager, the safety officer, a conference room, and the executive secretary to the mayor.

The office of the special assistant to the mayor, the community coordinator, budget and finance, and procurement will be located on the second floor, he added.

Hofschneider said the office of the Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance program and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve will also be on the second floor.

He said the rent for the 18,322-square-foot office is 55 cents per square foot or $10,077 per month compared to the previous 5,000-square-foot office for which the mayor’s office paid $4,387 a month or 85 cents per square foot.

Hofschneider said the mayor’s office signed a five-year contract for the new office with an option to renew the lease for another five year.

“This is bigger and safer and we have at least 25 parking spaces for the public,” he said, adding that the two warehouses can accommodate 40 to 50 vehicles.

He said the mayor and his staff are asking for the public’s patience and understanding as the office moves into the new building.

Hofschneider said their operations will continue without interruption although there will be some “adjustments” while communication lines are being set up.

Those requesting community service may call 234-6208. Marriage license applicants can access the application form online while ID applicants can process their applications today, Wednesday.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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