Saipan mayor: Tapochao/Chalan Galaide road repair and maintenance costly

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang said maintaining the roads to Tapochao and Chalan Galaide, which requires renting equipment and buying paving material, costs a lot.

On rainy days, he said, the roads’ base course is wiped out by flood waters, making road repair and maintenance especially challenging.

In 2017, the mayor’s office conducted at least three road maintenance operations on the Tapochao Road and almost every month on the Chalan Galaide Road, the mayor’s field operation director Joann Aquino said.

She said they cannot focus solely on these two locations since they also have to attend to the other secondary roads on island.

Another challenge the mayor’s office is facing is lack of equipment, she said, adding that they regularly rent a grader for their operations.

This month, Aquino said, their field personnel have been working hard to address “perennial problems” on the Tapochao and Chalan Galaide roads.

“The roads continue to break up, especially when it rains,” she added.

They are also collaborating with the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. because of a water pipe protruding in the center of the road, she said.

Apatang said he is hoping the Department of Public Works will expedite the Tapochao and Chalan Galaide road-repair projects.

The roads, he added, have been included for designation as federal territorial roads so the CNMI can get road repair funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation- Federal Highway Administration.

Apatang said his office is working closely with DPW to repair dilapidated road sections in Kanat Tabla and Chalan Kiya.

“We’ve been getting calls from residents regarding the dilapidated road in front of St. Jude Parish,” he said. “We have to fix it as soon as possible because of safety issues.”

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