Saipan mayor joins Korean memorial service

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang on Wednesday joined the Korean group Guen Woo Hwae in offering prayers at the Korean Peace Memorial in Marpi for the people who died on island in World War II.

“We come together to honor and pray for the many soldiers and the innocent civilians who perished during the war,” he said in his remarks during the memorial service.

Apatang noted that many war victims were caught in crossfire.

“We must continue to pray for peace and understanding and acceptance. We are all different in our way of life, political preferences and beliefs, social behavior, religious beliefs, among many other things,” the mayor said.

He thanked the Korean pilgrims for making the annual ceremony very meaningful.

“We must come together to search and find inner peace so we can create a better future filled with kindness and unity,” Apatang said.

During the ceremony, Guen Woo Hwae president Lee Hee Ja led the offering of flowers. She said it is their commitment to visit Saipan each year and honor those who had fallen here during the war.

The event was also attended by some members of the Korean Community of Saipan, including Immanuel Methodist Church Pastor Myung Taek Loo.

Jun Park of JP Entertainment, who organized the event, said the Guen Woo Hwae group will return to the island next year for their fifth memorial service with more followers.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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