Sailor's bravery, selflessness has made him a real-life crimefighter –

Meet Anthony Mugavero, a hero in our books. Last month, just days before Christmas, he intercepted a purse snatching at the very crowded Micronesia Mall.

“My wife, myself, and my family we were out at the Micronesia Mall,” he recalled. “We went to go see the Christmas lights display and as we were leaving, we were walking into the parking lot of Ross. As I was getting ready to get into my car because we were parked in that front row, I heard someone scream ‘Help!’ and I turned around because I was pushing my son’s stroller and my wife and daughter were behind me. My wife pointed and said, ‘He’s right there! Help her!'”

That cry for help came from Cindy Manibusan. She was with her daughter when a man came from behind and pulled her handbag from her. Though she’d charge after the thief it was Mugavero, who would ultimately come to her rescue.

He shared, “And I saw the suspect take a right, right outside the garage and I just went over the wall and we ended up in the bushes and rolled across the ground. He hopped up and took off – I was getting ready to try and chase him down, and they said, ‘Oh he dropped the purse, he dropped the purse.'”

Shaken, but unharmed, Manibusan was reunited with all her belongings and her alleged purse snatcher put in jail. 18-year-old Kelly Hutch Apenis was arrested and charged with third degree robbery.

He reportedly told police he planned to steal from someone at the mall because he needed money to buy Christmas gifts for his girlfriend.

He also told police he targeted Manibusan because she wasn’t with a man when he spotted her in the parking lot, making her an easy target. “I was just really happy that I could help somebody out that needed help, and I was at the right place at the right time to assist her and that they could have a happy holidays and have their stuff back,” he said.

The Houston native works for Harbor Security on the Navy Base as a training supervisor. He and his family made the move to Guam two years ago, Guam being his fifth duty station. “I’m security. I’m used to it. That’s my job. That’s what I do,” he said proudly, but humbly.

He’s since been overwhelmed by the praise and attention – making headlines for his heroic actions, even receiving a certificate of commendation from Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. “I feel like it’s not necessary. I was just trying to help somebody out and be a good person and all the attention I’ve gotten, its humbling and I appreciate it that people want to say thank you,” he shared.

He’s also this month’s Good Neighbor, which means Title Guaranty will donate $100 to his charity of choice. His pick? The Salvation Army, the non-profit organization that provides year-round programs for disadvantaged youth and families struggling with poverty as well as those struggling with substance abuse.

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