Resident asks DPL to deny developer’s request for public domain access

A RESIDENT of Chalan Piao is asking the Department of Public Lands not to approve the public domain access application of a residential developer at Tamat Beach.

Richard R. Mendiola, in a letter to DPL Secretary Marianne Concepcion Teregeyo, said the developer’s request lacked facts. The letter did not mention who the developer was.

“There’s no proper justifiable basis to support their position other than their main reason which is the narrow road entering through Atuhong Place,” he said.

Such an argument, according to Mendiola, is not acceptable to the majority of longtime residents in the area.

Speaking on behalf of the other residents, Mendiola said the developer didn’t bother to inform private land owners about the encroachment issue.

He believes that the proposed project is not in the best interests of the government. “If I am not mistaken, it is for the developer’s benefit alone.”

He said residents were not given any indication that the development project would improve the infrastructure in the area such as sewer and water lines.

Mendiola said they are also concerned about possible traffic congestion in the area during the duration of the developer’s 55-year lease agreement.

He said there was no information about the number of rooms of the proposed residential development project.

“What’s the urgency to rush this unique development application?”

Mendiola said when the residents at Tamat Beach protested against the proposed 80-unit residential structure of Blue Water Homes LLC, the company withdrew its application.

Mendiola said they are not against development, but a development project should not turn a beautiful public beach into a ghetto while limiting public access.

“We want our children to be able to roam around freely on their own beach and not be restricted and surrounded with signs of ‘off-limits’ ‘private property,’ ‘no trespassing,’ ‘no noise’ or ‘beware of vicious dog.’ The era of past mistakes should not be repeated,” Mendiola said.

Saipan, he added, has already “lost most of its beautiful beaches in Garapan through the many developments built rashly without a proper justifiable basis or studies made as to their possible impact on the people.”

He said if DPL grants the request of the residential developer, “then most likely a lawsuit will arise from the previous applicant who applied for the same purpose and the same reason but was denied because it was not in the government’s interests but solely for business and personal interests.”

Mendiola added, “It would be a major catastrophe and a mistake for the department to proceed and approve this request.”

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