Rep. Sablan to propose proper waste management

REPRESENTATIVE Vinnie Sablan plans to propose legislation that would put an effective waste-management system in place for the Commonwealth.

In an interview, Sablan said that right now there is no effective waste-management system in the CNMI.

He said trash should be a concern for everybody, and it has to be looked into before it becomes a major problem.

Vinnie Sablan

“Composting, recycling, and incineration are some of the waste-management systems that are being practiced in other jurisdictions. I will be introducing the idea through legislation. The environment plays a critical role in economic development, tourism, land preservation, and health,” says Sablan.

He said the community generates waste faster than it can be properly dealt with.

“We need to change our ways and mentality about trash. Right now, our waste-management system is operating slower than our waste generation, meaning our society is generating more waste quicker than we can deal with it,” said Sablan.

“We need to start looking into more effective and innovative approaches to handle and control our waste through better waste-management systems,” he said.

“As we see the increase in economic development, new investments and growing population, we have to anticipate more waste flowing through our transfer stations and landfills,” he noted.

“Our transfer stations have been cluttered with waste from both residential and commercial customers and our landfills are filling up fast. I believe it’s time to invest and begin putting in place innovative waste-management systems as well as looking at other approaches in dealing with waste in the CNMI. Before we require our residents to change their behavior in dealing with their waste at home and in the workplace, it is vital for our government to put in place the systems to support the movement,” he added.

In a separate interview, Senate President Arnold Palacios said the Commonwealth needs to sustain its economic growth by addressing the need for a better waste-management system.

“Like everything that we plan to do, it requires money. So we need to generate more revenue to implement programs and policies that address the waste issue,” he said.

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