Rep. BJ Attao proposes ID for non-immigrant workers

REPRESENTATIVE Blas Jonathan Attao has introduced a bill requiring non-immigrant workers in the CNMI to register with CNMI DOL and obtain a worker identification card.

Blas Jonathan Attao

According to House Bill 20-68, after the permits for non-immigrant workers have been approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the responsibility falls upon the CNMI Department of Labor to oversee issues involving these workers.

Attao said in order for CNMI DOL to perform this and related tasks, funds and resources must be made readily available to accomplish them.

He said his measure will allow CNMI DOL to work more effectively and efficiently to track all business employers and their employees.

The bill’s key provisions read:

“Upon approval by USCIS, all non-immigrant workers must register with CNMI DOL which shall record and maintain all necessary files and documentation on the non-immigrant workers and issue a non-immigrant worker identification card to all registered non-immigrant workers.

“The secretary of the DOL shall impose an annual fee of no less than $50 on all employers for every new/renewal of each non-immigrant worker ID per employee. The fees shall be made payable to the Department of Finance.

“The fees set forth herein, to include but not be limited to the non-immigrant worker fees, shall be revisited every two years.”

According to the bill, 70 percent of the fees generated will go to CNMI DOL for enforcing laws related to non-immigrant workers and maintaining records and files. Thirty percent of the fees will go to the Department of Commerce-Central Statistics Division for the purpose of filing and recording data from employers who hire non-immigrant workers.

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