Public transportation system will have 3 buses, governor says

THE CNMI government will launch a public transportation system on Saipan once the three-bus fleet is completed, according to Gov. Ralph Torres.

Only one bus is currently available and the government is still waiting for the arrival of two more buses.

The federally-funded project was supposed to be launched mid-year, but Torres said it is not feasible to have one bus only as it will result in a long waiting time for passengers.

He said he has asked his Special Assistant for Public Transportation Alfreda P. Camacho to give him an update.

According to the governor, “There are a couple of things to consider: one is the arrival of the bus, like how many buses do we need to start a public transportation system; and second is the building of the designated bus stations.”

In the next couple of weeks, there should be some progress, he added.

“We will soon have a better understanding of when to start this project. All of the bus stations have been designated already and we are just waiting for the arrival of the other buses.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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