Propst pushes mandatory trash collection

REPRESENTATIVE Ed Propst is working on a bill that would establish mandatory trash collection and recycling services on Saipan.

“It can easily reduce the amount of trash by more than 50 percent,” he told the Rotary Club of Saipan on Tuesday at the Hyatt’s Giovanni’s Restaurant.

Rep. Ed Propst talks about the bills he plans to introduce at the Rotary Club of Saipan meeting on Tuesday at the Hyatt’s Giovanni’s Restaurant. Photo by Junhan B. Todiño

The trash collection fee will be due each month, and families that have difficulty in paying may apply for funding assistance, Propst said.

The measure would require funding, he said, adding that “we can’t just make a bill without appropriating funds and having those funds.”

Lately, he said he has been meeting with residents in the villages and many are supportive of the proposed program.

“With the amount of litter that we’re dealing with on a daily basis, we have to do something and we have to think outside the box,” Propst said.

The mandatory trash collection will eliminate illegal dump sites, he added.

He also wants to see a cash-for-aluminum-cans program on island, saying that “we should be more proactive” in protecting the environment.

“We always hear we can’t do that and it costs too much,” he said.

He hopes to see the central government and the Legislature joining non-profit groups, other civic organizations and businesses that help keep the islands clean.

Propst said he is also drafting a campaign finance reform bill that would require political candidates to publicly disclose their campaign contributions on a quarterly basis and 10 days prior to election day rather than 50 days after an election.

He said he will also introduce a bill requiring all elected and appointed public officials to publicly disclose their personal financial statements, and a measure that would establish an ethics commission for elected and appointed public officials.

In addition, Propst said the Department of Public Safety should have a full-time public information officer and legislative sessions should be broadcast live on the internet.

He also intends to introduce legislation for a part-time Legislature.

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