Price of gas up by 15 cents

MOBIL Oil Marianas raised its gas prices by 15 cents a gallon on Monday morning.

From $3.93 a gallon, Mobil’s price for regular gas went up to $4.08 a gallon; premium, from $4.30 a gallon to $4.45 a gallon; and diesel, from $4.16 a gallon to $4.31 a gallon.

As of 2 p.m. Monday, Shell Marianas had not increased its prices, but it was expected to follow suit.

Alter City Group building facility coordinator Joselito Espino said he usually spends $75 on gas a week.

Saipan Baseball League statistician Raymond Palacios has this advice for motorists: Don’t travel a lot unless it’s urgent.

“I feel for those who have to drive every day for work especially those not earning that much when things like this happen. A 15-cent increase per gallon makes a big difference in your daily expenses, especially if you are a person who has important matters to attend to on a daily basis. It will really affect them,” he said.

“Hopefully they will roll back prices soon,” he added.

The per-gallon price of gas was $3.48 early in 2016 before it started going up in October that year until it reached $3.93 in Dec. 2016. The price went down to $3.83 in June 2017 then went up again by 10 cents in Oct. 2017.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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